Crazy Beautiful!

These kids!  Crazy. Beautiful.  Crazy together and so beautiful to watch.

When getting a cousins shot, it’s always going to be fun and a little bit crazy too.

The laughter was heard in places far and wide and the smiles on their faces were plastered from ear to ear.

They say cousins are your first best friends and this is living proof.  Though distance keeps them apart sometimes,  the love is never forgotten.

These kids are all growing so quickly in their own individual ways and it really is amazing for me to compare these shots to their previous shoots.  So much has changed.

When editing this shoot, particularly the individual shots, i was completely blown away.  I hope you are too.

cousin web-1 cousin web-2 cousin web-3 cousin web-4 cousin web-5 cousin web-6 cousin web-7 cousin web-8 cousin web-9 cousin web-10 cousin web-11 cousin web-12 cousin web-13 cousin web-14 cousin web-15 cousin web-16 cousin web-17 cousin web-18 cousin web-19 cousin web-20 cousin web-21 cousin web-22 cousin web-23 cousin web-24 cousin web-25 cousin web-26 cousin web-27 cousin web-28 cousin web-29 cousin web-30 cousin web-31 cousin web-32 cousin web-33 cousin web-34

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