“Girls just want to have fun!”



…and that’s exactly what they did

What happens when you combine 1 15yr old Birthday girl, 6 of her close friends, a hair & make up artist and a photographer for the day?

A hilarious mix of crazy, kooky, beautiful and fun images!

The infectious giggles and squeals could be heard halfway down the street!

A super fun day!

 Thanks for making me feel like a teenager again girls, You Rock!

i-1 i-2 i-3 i-4 i-5 i-6 i-7 i-8 i-9 i-10 i-11 i-12 i-13 i-14 i-15 i-16 i-17 i-18 i-19 i-20 i-21 i-22 i-23 i-24 i-25 i-26 i-27 i-28 i-29 i-30 i-31 i-32 i-33 i-34 i-35 i-36 i-37 i-38 i-39 i-40 i-41 i-42 i-43

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