Willow Lane Jewellery Shoot.



A couple of weeks ago i did a shoot for Leila from ‘Willow Lane Jewellery’, what an awesome day!

Like minds and kindred spirits creating beautiful imagery with these stunning jewels and our gorgeous model Rachel.

Scroll through the pics below to really get a sense of just how devine her jewels are.

Check out her facebook and instagram pages and keep an eye out for their new website coming soon.

wlb-36 wlb-24 wlb-12 wlb-11 wlb-23 wlb-35 wlb-34 wlb-22 wlb-21 wlb-33 wlb-32 wlb-20 wlb-19 wlb-31 wlb-30 wlb-18 wlb-17 wlb-29 wlb-28 wlb-27 wlb-26 wlb-25 wlb-13 wlb-14 wlb-1 wlb-2 wlb-3 wlb-15 wlb-16 wlb-4 wlb-5 wlb-6 wlb-7 wlb-8 wlb-9 wlb-10

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